International Regulatory Affairs

Eclectic has an experienced team who is able to present your data in a convincing, consistent and clear manner. In addition, we provide services for review, guidance, QbD, SPL and much more.

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IPR Services
Intellectual Property Rights

We truly believe that inventions are creations of mind and need to be duly protected as Intellectual Property. We advice the industry on patentability of their inventions and help in acquiring and managing patents and patent related activities

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marketing solutions
Marketing Solutions & Support

Investing in brand-led initiatives and brand-led innovations means paving the way for the things to come in the future. At Eclectic, experience an overall satisfaction of marketing of your Brand.

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Quality Control & Assurance

Quality control is focussed on process outputs, while quality assurance refers to administrative and procedural activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements and goals for a product or activity will be fulfilled. Get both under one roof at Eclectic.

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Regulatory Affairs

Expertise in Submission, Variations,
Product Life-Cycle Management,
Review, etc... for global markets

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IPR Services

We can provide advise on
management and protection
of Intellectual Property

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Quality Functions

Eclectic comprises of experienced
consultants for Quality
Assurance and Quality Control.

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Marketing Solutions

Designing, Monographs, Visual Aids &
brand related activities for pharma
& non-pharma organisations

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