Marketing Solutions

Brand name suggestion: Eclectic believes that a Brand Name is not just a colourful logo or an attractive font, but a it is a set of values which the product delivers to its users. We provide Brand Names which are simple yet stand out from the crowd and carry the essence of the key set of features.

Brand launch (including marketing presentations):Eclectic delivers innovative solutions for Brands; which help in achieving key market objectives. We help the Brand achieve commercial success at each and every stage of the product cycle. We support in every activity centred in and around the Brand launch.

Developing motivational & MOA AVs: Eclectic develops motivational films for field staff, to strengthen the relationship between the team and the company / product. We can provide with Brand related animated movies to highlight any specific technology or formulation advantage that the Brand offers.

Copy-writing and designing (Visual Aid, Scientific Literatures, Monographs, etc.): Eclectic team has in-depth knowledge and expertise across wide range of therapeutic areas. We provide copywriting and designing solutions for visual aid, scientific literatures, monographs, posters, etc. We can also source scientific content like review articles, abstracts and full text clinical trials from various Journals.

Designing brand related campaigns: Eclectic uses and develops campaigns for all media resources. We develop programs to build name recognition and improve customer building. Display advertisements for paper, magazine or trade journals are used to work with company's brochures, pamphlets and hand-outs.

Designing patient awareness materials:We at Eclectic design Brochures or other printed materials, Videos or DVDs, PowerPoint presentations, Posters or charts, and Models or props. Our patient awareness materials are sourced from peer reviewed books or journals and authenticated from practicing clinicians.

Designing conference participation related materials: We at Eclectic, prepare abstracts, posters and side decks for conferences. We also design activities to engage the customers at the conferences; helping with greater Brand recall.

Training of field force: Well trained field staff ensures sustainable success for your Brands. Eclectic conducts field staff training, which promotes educational and professional development of field staff. Our training helps in overall development of the team.

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